Expert Motorcycle Maintenance in the Owasso Ok community

Quality motorcycle maintenance performed by appointment only

About Me

I'm a retired IT professional thats been working on motorcycles for over 30 years. I perfom thoughtful repairs and treat the bikes I work on like they belong to a good friend. My knowledge base is the metric big 4 with a sprinkling of various BMW's.

Service is performed by appointment only.

black and gray motorcycle on road during daytime
black and gray motorcycle on road during daytime

We offer a range of motorcycle maintenance services to keep your bike running smoothly.

General Maintenance

From oil changes to tire replacements, we can handle all your general maintenance needs. If you're looking to personalize your bike, we also offer customization services.

Quality, not quantity

I have made quality my habit. It’s not something that I just strive for – I live by this principle every day.


Tire Mounting & Balancing.  Save money and bring me the wheels off the bike.  Same day turn around.  $35 for each

Ride in, $70 for front, rears are $90.

I will mount the tires you bring in or you can have them drop shipped.  Contact me to work out logistics.

Engine Oil Changes: $50 for most bikes, not including the oil and filter.  I use Amsoil Lubes and typically WIX filter products.  You have a preference, make arrangements ahead of time and I'll make sure the filter is in stock. 

Brake Fluid Flush: $40 per master cylinder for normal brake systems

Fork Services: $200 for convential damper rod forks.  $275 for upside down forks.  This is for both forks, cleaning of internal components and reinstallation.  Does not include replacement parts or suspension fluid.  I use Amsoil suspension fluid.  If you bring me the forks off the bike, discount $50 off labor.

Customization: Electrical relays, heated grips, horns, lighting, etc. Hourly rate is $80. Contact me for an estimate.


Get in touch with me to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.